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Mission Statement/Purpose:


The purpose and objective of the Delaware State Troopers Association is to improve the terms and conditions of employment of its members and to provide for their protection and general welfare through all democratic means.  The Association also seeks to promote the spirit of cooperation and fraternity between the state of Delaware, Division of State Police and the Department of Safety and Homeland Security and all law enforcement agencies within the state of Delaware.  


The vigorous and persistent pursuit of these precepts is the express intent of this Association, with the best interest of the Association at heart, and to encourage social, charitable and educational activities among police officers. 


The Delaware State Troopers Association is an organization of the Delaware State Police, managed by our State Troopers, active and/or retired whose members do hereby agree to be bound and governed by their by-laws and who cannot strike.




  • Motor Officers Recognized for Their Service

    January 26, 2015

      On Friday January 9, 2015, Troopers and officers from Dover PD were invited to the Charles C. Carlson Center for Mortuary Affairs, Dover Air Force Base, by Colonel Dan Merry, AFMAO Commander, in order to recognize them for their support of the mortuary mission on “National Law Enforcement Day.”  In recent years, motor officers throughout the state have escorted countless fallen service members who have given the ultimate sacrifice to their country.

  • Off Duty Troopers Volunteer as Pallbearers

    January 26, 2015

        A story was published approximately two weeks ago about a Delaware resident who died in a medical facility and unfortunately no one came forward to claim her remains.    After reading this story some members of the Delaware State Police Honor Guard, who service funerals for fallen Troopers, retired Troopers and dignitaries, were touched and moved to do something after learning about this story. They elected to volunteer their time so that this Delaware neighbor could be laid to rest with dignity and grace.

  • We Stand Behind the Thin Blue Line

    January 15, 2015

      Come out and show support for all Law Enforcement Officers across Delaware and show thanks for the job they do. In addition to a show of support, organizers want the rally to be a family event – not just for families who attend, but for family of police.  During the event, officers that have lost their lives in the line of duty will be honored.


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